Cost Control

We understand budgets and the importance of finding cost-effective solutions and funding for projects large and small.

Clients tell us that one of the most valued services we provide is preparing clear repair scopes and negotiating fair and affordable contracts. Our experience includes analyzing repair and maintenance options, examining cost-related data to ensure no extraneous expenses are incurred, facilitating the funding process, and monitoring the project. We serve as Owner’s advocate at every step of the process.

Our detailed renovation/restoration plans typically contain:

  • Realistic budgets based on objective inspections and sensible solutions.
  • Clearly specified material use to ensure the integrity of the repairs.
  • Detailed construction timelines based on ‘best processes’ tailored to each client’s specific project.

We save money for clients by charging only for our time in providing objective oversight on all contracted services. Our fees are based on providing professional services, and not tied to the value of vendor contracts.

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