“I’ve known Jehan Bharucha for 15 years and we’ve worked together on many projects. I find him to be very thorough in analysis of project requirements. This trait provides the owner with added project quality.

Working with Improcon allows us, as architects, to concentrate our efforts in the technical aspects of the construction process. Improcon has excellent communication skills, working with the owner and contractor, communicating to both the changing conditions of the project as it evolves and continues through construction.”
K. Soltner, Architect


“I have been an attorney in the construction industry for more than 25 years. For almost 14 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Jehan Bharucha on many projects, including as an expert witness regarding construction defects, and as an owner’s representative for projects either under construction or for significant repairs. Jehan has a very broad knowledge of the construction industry, and he understands the dynamics involved among the various contracting parties. Jehan can see the forest while at the same time understanding quite well the details for each tree.”
S. Hicks, Attorney

"I just want to thank you again for all the help Improcon provided in the very difficult Wild Glen fire claim. Were it not for the excellent support, attention to detail and overall professionalism shown by both you and Imprcon, it would have been impossible to achieve the results that were realized by the Wild Glen community. I trust you will keep servicing communities in need, and look forward to the next opportunity for our organization to work together."
Z. McIsaac, Partner at Ashbaugh Beal


“We at W.G.C.A. know and trust Jehan Bharucha of Improcon. We value his advice and his deep knowledge of all things that needed to be fixed in the daily running of our condos. Jehan has Integrity and is honest, thorough and meticulous in everything he undertakes to do and we are happy to have him as our Consultant on projects.

We consult with him and have never been disappointed with his advice. We will continue our good working relationship with Improcon.

Personally, I value his friendship as well.”
C. Seth, Board President

“After a number of years deferring maintenance, our board faced a daunting discovery of significant water intrusion that would critically affect all of the homeowners in our complex.  Once we had come to terms with the fact that something had to be done, we also recognized that none of us had experience or knowledge to navigate the dizzyingly complex set of choices facing us.  On a recommendation from our property manager at the time, we reached out to Jehan Barucha at Improcon to help outline the steps we needed to take to understand the extent of the problem, and balance options to recover.  In order to make a more informed decision, Jehan helped the board choose a contractor to perform an intrusive investigation and generate a rough order of magnitude estimate.  This allowed all the homeowners to enter into a very frank discussion of the options, and balance the choices that we would encounter going forward.  Jehan was very knowledgeable and patient and worked with all the homeowners to understand what was wrong, the potential outcomes if we did not act soon, and the potential costs of moving forward.  At every step of the process Jehan helped us determine more than one course of action and lay out the pros and cons of each choice in a way that we did not have to worry about a conflict of interest.  Initially he helped determine if a competitive bid or a negotiated agreement would be better.  Later in the project he helped to balance engineering approaches for chimney leaks.  Jehan brought his expertise and experience to help our board for every decision we had to make along the process.   For our board it was critically important that we had an expert third party to help us make the best decisions for our homeowners, someone who could negotiate and speak the language of construction to ensure we were getting the best deal for our money.  I don’t know that we could have gotten the job done without Jehan, and I’m absolutely certain we would have paid more overall, and would have ended up with an inferior solution than we have today.   Due to Jehan’s responsiveness, knowledge, and attention to detail I have no hesitation giving him a 5 out of 5 for our overall satisfaction, and recommending him to anyone facing any sort of construction challenge.”
J. Roberts, Board President

 “Improcon oversaw all aspects of our remodel from financial, billing, inspections, permits, and negotiations. A very knowledgeable firm. It may be called Improcon, but it is Jehan, the owner, who you deal with on a day to day. He has ideas and takes your ideas and makes them happen. It was (is) a great experience doing business w/ Improcon.”
J. Schroeder, Board Treasurer

“As a board member I participated in interviewing 3 finalists for the work.  Because this was a project of approximately 2.5 million it was obvious that the board needed the best consultant we could find.  And we found him.  I speak only for myself but his presentation was thorough, professional, educational,respectful and encouraging.  He was hired and became our dedicated advocate for the next 2 years; the project is just now finishing up small details.  The scope of work became larger once roofs were removed, seismic upgrades required, etc.  Improcon coordinated all the necessary services in a seamless fashion.  Never once was the board felt to be out of control of the work.  Jehan chaired weekly construction meetings, was always available via e-mail and/or phone, was on-site a tremendous amount of time.  His knowledge of construction, from the "big picture" to the most minute details, is absolutely
overwhelming.  For me his integrity, honesty, intellect, ability to understand the issues and communicate choices of remedy impressed me the most.  Not for one minute did I distrust his word.  His oversight saved our association thousands of dollars and, as a mediator, he is par excellence. On a scale of 1-5, I would rate him a 6+!  I would not hesitate to recommend to others for all the afore-mentioned reasons.”
K. Jones, Board Member

“During the time I was President of our Condominium Association I had the privilege to
work with Jehan Bharucha, President of Improcon, Inc.

His talent, professionalism, and ethics helped our condo association through several difficult and complex projects. We appreciated his flexibility and responsiveness, no matter what the issue was.

     Serious Mold Remediation in one of our units,
     Drainage project that had to be completed around all 10 buildings,
     Fire Restoration of 1.7 million. 

Jehan's attention to detail and managing of our contracts to insure the job was completed
to code and always paying attention to how our dollars were being spent was outstanding.”
L. Mitzel, Board President


“It is my pleasure to offer my strongest recommendation for the services provided by
Jehan Bharucha and IMPROCON, Inc. Jehan has provided construction repair support consulting for condominium properties that our firm manages. I have worked with Jehan and IMPROCON for a number of years. He is thorough and diligent in his analysis of specific construction related problems. No stone is left unturned as repair alternatives are investigated when Jehan is seeking a resolution to damage of a building component.
Identifying the source of the damage is judged as important as the repair protocol when
Jehan is acting as the Owners’ representative and consultant. His communication to the
Owner is always welcome and he is readily available to answer questions to support the understanding of a repair process of a minor or significant repair project. The efficacy of a repair protocol prescribed by IMPROCON is nearly certain since it is not uncommon for Jehan to complete a repair mockup to test the specific materials and installation specifications prior to performing the entire project. For all these reasons and more, I appreciate IMPROCON and Jehan Bharucha and the invaluable consulting assistance that is provided. Upon request, I would be pleased to further discuss the services provided by IMPROCON, Inc. to our properties.”
B. Nahon, CMCA, AMS, Homeowners Association Managing Agent

“Dear Jehan:

It has been my great fortune to work with you these last three years on the Forest Glade Condominium reconstruction project. It would not have been such a success without you, in fact, it may not have even happened yet. You helped the association to navigate through each challenge with knowledge and expertise, often saving them considerable expense proposed by the architect or the general contractor or by the City of Bellevue.

You attended countless homeowner meetings, always explaining and educating the residents each step of the way. The homeowners were confident that you would get them through this, and you did. I appreciate how quickly you responded to their individual concerns and solved their problems.

Thank you for making my job as their Community Associated Manger a pleasant experience throughout this project.
C. Watchie, Community Association Manager

“Improcon has always provided my clients with the finest technical and management consulting services available to homeowners and commercial owners.”
F. Doehring, Retired CPM / CMCA

“Jehan Bharucha and his staff have been nothing but professional. Communication has been superb; they are great at follow through, pay attention to detail and have full knowledge of what needs to be done and how.”
P. Bova, CMCA PCAM, Community Association Manager


“Jehan specializes in...helping HOAs work through daunting repairs - prioritizing them, and working as an advocate for the HOA to bring costs down.

Jehan plays several roles when he is hired by the board as their consulting engineer:

1. As an engineer, he makes his own assessment and presents his own independent findings to the board about the nature and relative severity/importance of the various problems.

2. Based on this information, he helps the board come up with a plan for prioritizing the repairs – taking care of the most important ones, and delaying ones that aren’t as critical.

3. Furthermore, using his background both as an engineer and as a former commercial and residential builder, he works as an advocate for the HOA in their discussions with contractors – both evaluating the proposals and cost estimates of individual contractors that the board is interviewing (to help the board select someone who actually knows what they’re doing so that it’s done correctly the first time – which is a central aspect of cost-control in these type of situations – having to ‘learn as you go’ is obviously not a good way to approach a large engineering project), and then he also stays involved throughout the repair process – making sure the contractors stay on-task and on-budget, and calling them out for errors that it would be impossible for a layman on the HOA to be able to recognize and understand… other than at the very general level of being enraged at continual cost-overruns.”
C. Tilley, Managing Broker (Real Estate)